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I have always thought of myself as a creative person, even when I was young, my problem was that I wasn't able to properly express myself until I found photography.

It all really started for me when I was 18 I went on a trip to Egypt with some family friends, there happened to be a photographer that was invited along, he taught me a few basics and I ran with them, realising that I had a knack for photography I started doing short courses when I returned to Johannesburg.

After completing these short Courses through Vega, I went on to study a 2 year course in commercial photography. Being the best in my class made me certain that this was the career for me. In 2012 I was encouraged to move to Cape Town. Here I quickly started shooting anything I could to expand my portfolio and show my diversity.

My first interiors job was through an Interior designer friend who approached me about shooting a guesthouse In Kalk Bay, Cape Town.

I quickly learnt all the techniques I could for interiors and Architecture, as it turned out the client loved the photos and I realised how much I enjoyed shooting interiors and architecture.

I have expanded my techniques and my experience since that first shoot and in November of 2019 I moved to London to further my career.

I love all types of photography and I take my camera with me everywhere I go, But theres something about shooting architecture and interiors that really interests me I think its that there are so many variables to pulling off a beautiful shoot, every house is different and poses unique challenges, I often find satisfaction in the thought process and meticulous approach that architectural photography requires. I strive to create a fun, laid-back environment, whether I’m shooting in a small 1,000 square foot apartment or an elaborate studio overlooking the sea I feel comfortable and at ease when shooting a home, trying to find its best angles and details gives me great joy.

I am very grateful for that first shoot and I continue to learn as much as I can with every job I do.

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